Rite I and Rite II
Mile End Park site specific performance
V&A gallery site specific performance
April and May 2019

Rite I and Rite II are siblings. They explore the notion of queering time and space through the cycles of building and dismantling. This is done through reflecting on the use of a queer body creating drawings and sculptures that are built up and knocked down through their own actions. These actions connect the mental to the physical, looking at the history of labour and the challenge of site specific spaces that present boundaries to how a work is made and how long it can be sustained.

That capital today seems to rely to such an extent on an enhanced subjective and productive autonomy of labour does not eliminate, but rather intensifies this ambivalence. To picture immaterial labour as a new vanguard subject with an inertial potential for communism would be an attempt to foreclose by decree, in theory, what can only be resolved in practice. If and how, in what situations and in what ways, something “escapes” capture and produces resistance is the ambivalent question par excellence, and it is only in what Marx would have called “the real movement of things” that it can be answered.” 
Emma Dowling, Rodrigo Nunes and Ben Trott
“Immaterial and Affective Labour: Explored”

Photo by Katherine Borchsenius